Things To Think About Before You Buy Koi Fish

October 7, 2008 by admin · 1 Comment 

Buy Koi Fish

Before you buy Koi fish make sure your koi pond is in good working order! The first requirement in buying a Koi is that you have a suitable place to place it. Consider the size of the full grown koi when making a pond, though the Koi are small when you buy them, they can grow very large. It is advisable to buy small Koi as starter fish because they cost considerably less.

Buy koi fish from a reputable source. If you have friends with ponds, ask them for recommendation or you could personally visit several stores and pick the one that you think will be able to help you out as a beginner. Check the condition of the pond where the Koi are living in the store. Choose the store that puts their Koi in the cleanest, best quality pond.

When you buy Koi, consider the color and pattern. They come in a variety of colors and combinations of color and can add beauty to your pond. You need to check the Koi’s health too by examining the scales and fins. Look for dull scales, cuts or abrasions or any fuzzy growth that could indicate illness or koi disease. Buy only those that you think are strong, healthy and beautiful.

The number of fish to buy actually depends on the size of your pond. The general rule is that you should only have 1 fish for every 200 gallons of pond.