Choosing Koi Pond Pumps

October 6, 2008 by admin 

Koi Pond Pumps

Koi pond pumps are responsible for the water movement in the pond as well as cleaning the water itself. They provide circulation of water giving the pond the needed movement which aerates the water and cleans it. Pumps are a critical piece of equipment for any pond and the size of the pond is a key consideration when buying one as you want to make sure the pump should be powerful enough to turn over half of the volume of the pond in a given hour.

Sometimes pond pumps are used for waterfalls or fountains. The height of the falls or the fountain should also be considered when this is the case. Additional power may be needed for irregular shaped ponds. You have to determine the appropriate water flow in the pond before choosing the proper koi pond pumps that you will buy.

Koi pond pumps should be able to simulate the natural environment of a pond. Too rapid water flow might scare the koi or make them be uncomfortable feeling, but too little water flow won’t be good either.

Having the right pond pump is important in giving the koi pond the proper filtration and aeration. The welfare of the pond should always be the top priority in choosing the right pump. Pump, power and suitable water flow should be chosen in the light of its contribution to the general well-being of the koi and in keeping its environment clean and beautiful. Choosing the right pump will eliminate many koi maintenance issues that you could have if you go with a pump that is not appropriate for your pond.


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