Getting Rid Of Koi Pond Algae

October 6, 2008 by admin 

Koi Pond Algae

When talking about koi pond problems, the issue of koi pond algae is usually in the forefront of the discussion. Algae develop in a natural or artificial environment where there is favorable conditions for algae growth. The development of algae in the koi pond will impose a great threat to health and stability of the pond. To prevent algae from developing, elements that contribute to its growth should be controlled.

Koi pond algae are plants and like any plants they need direct sunlight to grow. Placing the pond in a place where there’s minimal direct sunlight will prevent the development of some of the algae. If the plant is already in direct sunlight consider blocking the sunlight by planting trees or shrub. That would also provide shade both for the pond and for the people that will go to it. Adding plants in the pond will also discourage algae as the plants will use up the nutrients that algae needs to grow. Plants and trees susceptible to falling leaves are not recommended, as they ad to your koi maintenance and clog filters.

Koi like to eat algae. So the koi itself could be utilized to prevent the development of algae. By feeding the koi less food, they will munch on the algae more often. Less koi feeding will also reduce the waste which produces the nutrients that the algae need to grow.

Installing effective filtration will also help in preventing algae formation. Circulation of water will prevent the algae from developing too fast.

If your algae gets out of control and you can’t get rid of it with natural methods, you can use chemicals to kill algae. This will help when the level of algae in the pond is increasing. Don’t worry, these specific  chemicals are safe for your fish. Make sure not to use chemicals that may be harmful to fish.

Koi pond algae can be an unwelcome visitor to any pond, even if it is somewhat of a natural occurrence!


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