How To Maintain Koi Health

October 7, 2008 by admin 

Koi Health

Koi are rather delicate fish and, if you want to keep these beautiful fish, you will have to take some steps to maintain good koi health. In order to keep your Koi happy and healthy you need to provide them with a safe and clean environment. This means making sure your koi pond is built properly, has protection from predators and the water quality is kept at optimum levels.

The koi should live in a clean and healthy environment. You will need to maintain the quality of the water in the pond to protect the koi from being poisoned by their own environment. Chlorine can kill koi so you need to be careful if you are using water from a chlorinated source. Always test the water that goes into the pond to prevent chlorine contamination. Another dangerous substance is ammonia. Unlike chlorine, this substance is produced in the pond through the decomposition of excess food and fish waste. The level of ammonia in the pond must be properly controlled so you need to avoid excess feeding as well as test the water weekly and take appropriate action if ammonia levels get too high.

Proper care should also be taken when introducing new fish into the pond. New fish can be infected by parasites or disease so they should be observed first in a separate place before being introduced to your main Koi pond.

Handling your Koi should be avoided but you should also know that Koi health can be affected if you do not handle the fish properly when necessary. Koi have a natural protective coating that could be damaged by improper handling. Once the protective coating is damaged the koi become prone to bacterial attack. Since bacteria are everywhere in the water, you want to handle the fish properly to insure they have all the protection they need. This is an important step that can help avoid koi disease that could potentially spread amonst the group.


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