Koi Garden Pond Maintenance

October 6, 2008 by admin 

Koi Pond Maintenance

It’s a great pleasure watching koi swim across the pond. They’re really delightful to watch but in order to enjoy them the most, you need to keep your Koi garden pond in good condition. Clean, healthy water is important for proper growth and health of your koi so you need to be sure that you maintain your pond water properly.

In order to maintain your pond, you need to keep the algae down, the PH balanced and the nitrites and nitrates at the proper levels. You also need to take care to insure that no chemicals that you might be using as garden pesticide control get into the pond. In addition to checking the water quality, you need to make sure that any pond plants you have growing in the pond do not overtake it.

Another thing to consider in your Koi garden pond is fish illness. Typically an illness can be introduced by new fish so you might want to isolate any new additions for 15 days to be sure they don’t introduce a virus or bacteria into the pond.

You might have the urge to feed the koi often as well as make sure you give them enough but that might do more harm than good. Overfeeding will result in excess food decomposing in your pond as well as more fish waste that can raise the ammonia in your pond to harmful levels. Of course, feeding Koi is one of the most enjoyable activities of your garden pond, but you need to limit yourself to only feeding them as much as they can eat in 10 minutes.

A healthy Koi garden pond will also result in your fish showing their vibrant colors more vividly. You can be sure to keep the pond water at optimum levels by purchasing a test kit and testing the water every week then making the necessary adjustments to bring the water back to the desired levels. Proper koi maintenance is a must when it comes to preventing koi disease and illness.


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