What You Need to Know About Koi Pond Supplies

December 16, 2008 by admin 

Koi Pond SuppliesSetting up a koi garden pond is almost certainly the best way to provide a tranquil addition to your garden. The downside is that they require some maintenance. In order to maintain a healthy koi pond you’ll need the correct koi pond supplies.

The koi supplies needed for your pond will depend on how big your garden pond will be and how many koi fish you have. For the obvious, a pond filtration system is a necessity with the proper tubing. A PH tester along with water treatment chemicals are an absolute necessity to maintaining the healthy pond water so important to the health of your koi.

There are a few koi supplies that all koi ponds must not be without. A filter can avoid any clogging; the pump will keep the circulation flowing so that you keep your koi fish healthy. In addition, a UV sterilizer will prevent the algae growth within the pond. Also, koi supplies should consist of a good filtration system to maintain the clearness and cleanliness of the water.

A good supply of quality koi food is a must. Good quality koi food can not only support active koi fish, but also provide for a long lifespan. The right food can bring out the beautiful colors inherent in koi fish. In addition to a basic diet, koi food supplements are also available. Your local koi shop should have everything you need in the food department. If not, like everything else these days, you can find it online.

Charming koi fish are a delight to look at and enjoy, so they’re worth any extra effort. Like anyone who owns a koi pond will advise you, creating and looking out for a koi pond is a work of intensive time and love. You should make certain that the water you will use is of good quality so you your koi have no stress. They can continue to grow to approximately two to three feet and can reach the weight of around thirty pounds, with proper care and time. The correct koi supplies can help your koi and pond reach their full potential.

Other koi pond supplies to maintain cleanliness and a healthful atmosphere include filters, pond pumps, and a liner. Plus, an aerator is particularly useful for the fish by keeping the water oxygenated. If you’ve already got a pond setup, you probably already have these necessities. Additional non-essential but functional koi supplies that can be added are decorative pond plants or animals. If you don’t live close to a pond plant supplier you can find them online. You can even buy koi fish online these days. Everything from affordable koi to champion Japanese pedigree koi fish.

Today’s market presents a great selection of koi pond supplies. Depending on your koi pond location you may need specific pond supplies in order to provide the right accommodation for your koi. If you reside in a cold climate where water freezes in the winter, you will need a de-icer or heater. On the other hand, tropical climates will not have these requirements. In hotter climates you’ll want a pond deep enough so that the koi can escape to cooler depths.

There are many koi pond supplies on the market that take care of a lot of the maintenance on your behalf. These are automatic, operate on timers and are help considerably. You’ll still need to perform some maintenance yourself, however. A pool net is a great tool in removing leaves and debris. This is important, in that it helps keep your pond pump and filter running smoothly. So, you’ll still have some work to do, but it will certainly be rewarding.


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