Tips For Proper Koi Care

October 7, 2008 by admin 

Koi Care

Koi are delicate fish and proper Koi care does require a bit of your attention. However, proper care of your fish is necessary in order for them to be healthy and vibrant. There many things to consider when caring for your koi.

First of all, their pond water should be kept clean, clear and free from contamination. Healthy water is necessary to avoid sickness. Check the quality of water regularly to ensure good health.

Feed the koi regularly. Avoid overfeeding because it could lead to water contamination.

Check the koi ponds ph level. Concrete ponds can have high PH level and this needs to be consistantly corrected or you should avoid concrete all together.

The fish should not be subjected to sudden temperature change. This usually happens when changing the pond water. Sudden temperature change can be prevented by changing the water gradually.

One part of Koi care is actually making sure you have enough Koi in your pond. Make sure there are enough koi in your pond to make a group. Koi are used to living in groups so you want to be sure to have enough fish to satisfy their natural instincts.

Be very careful when handling koi. They have a protective covering which protects them from contaminants. This covering is kind of like a slimy film and can be damaged if you do not handle them the right way.

Check the water regularly for the presence of chlorine, ammonia and other substances that might be harmful to koi. Water quality is of extreme importance to the health of your fish so this is really critical.

Always check the koi for symptoms of illness. Koi contaminated by illness should be quarantined to avoid contaminating the other fish in the pond.

Koi should have a clean and healthy environment at all times. Clean water that is free from any form of contamination is essential to proper growth and development. Koi care in never easy but if done properly it will benefit both the koi and its owner.


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